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because too many doctors care too much for money and too little for you.
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David Cohen, America's Naturopathic Doctor,
Is Pleased To Host the Road Of Great Longevity

You've reached the world's largest naturopathic website,
which may qualify it as the internet's healthiest website.   That is left to you..
Filled with your healthiest and wealthiest shortcuts and secrets of those who do better.

Imagine a medical doctor hosting over a hundred free health-related websites!   Not anytime soon, we think.
The Road Of Great Longevity is HUGE -- IE users: Tap any letter, number or character (even upper-case) on your keyboard for more Road Of Great Longevity

MisterShortcut is thrilled to bring you over a thousand of these healthiest websites, including
filled with your best health tips for living stronger for longer... naturally

MisterShortcut is thrilled to bring you over a thousand of these healthiest websites, including
filled with your best health tips for living stronger for longer... naturally

It pays to learn more about this natural method of healing without drugs or surgery.

If YOU suffer health challenges that have not responded to conventional treatment,
you are urged to learn more about all different approaches to health and how you can teach yourself...
or otherwise learn to make use of this excellent methodology to help people in your position.
It's important to remember that this website cannot heal you, treat you, or cure you, nor even diagnose you.
THAT requires a professional.
If you need help, don't hesitate to see a doctor, because, although they DO kill no less than thousands of people per week,
medical doctors are necessary, too. See your doctor, consult WITH him or her, and participate in the decision process.

The more we know, the more we tend to live, correct?
So, you can use naturopathy, and natural medicines including flower essence therapy,
and THEN get your doctor to perhaps reduce or eliminate further prescription drugs for you.

Live stronger and longer, healing naturally.

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Links For Websites   (QRA)

qci.healthiest-website.net - The Quantum Coherence Integrator - QCI - makes every organ, gland, tissue, and function in the body temporarily strong on all polarities
QVial.com - Everything Touched By QVials Guaranteed To Test Strong Immediately - Road Of Great Longevity Prefers Self-Health Self-Help
QRA.Me - Acronymic for, QRA is the game-changer in health - 21st century nutrition with timeless wisdom included
QRA.name - Road Of Great Longevity QRA Website to introduce YOU to in a genuinely accessible manner
- The Road Of Great Longevity includes Q-R-A websites to advance knowledge and listings of
- Deeper information delightfully presented by the Road Of Great Longevity - Learn Q-R-A to promote your longevity

- Getting into the nitty gritty of with the Road Of Great Longevity - best of the best
- Central QRA website to learn more details of how is used in naturopathy today
- Do not fool yourself into failing to understand that you cannot learn too much about
- The more you learn, the better your actions and decisions tend to be, with skills
- Without "overdosing," each site presents info not presented at other QRA sites
- No human can claim to be an expert in nutritional needs without skills to prove it
- Every human alive needs to learn Quantum Reflex, if only in the most abecedarian of knowledge levels
- The Road Of Great Longevity Reminds You That We Are Not Done With Q-R-A - Learn, learn, learn, every day
- Although QRA was "born" in Austin, Texas, QRA is spreading globally, so, a huge thank you to Austin!
- Any practitioner trained by Dr. Marshall is going to be an expert QRA practitioners - We count on it
- From Austin, Houston or San Jose, to Denver or N.Y., find QRA practitioners most anywhere!
Road Of Great Longevity : "The best QRA practitioners are using QRA with biofeedback!"
Bidigitally.com - Simply a sweet opportunity to offer more info on QRA, and the web domain tests "QRA strong"
Homage to Texas, because, once again, Texas produced, via Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes
- Electrically-remediating tape from the special genius of Dr. Marshall and Dr. Forbes
Cohenology.com - Once you identify the top ten to twelve methods, use them all, simultaneously

Learning how to is secondary to consulting with a trained QRA practitioner.
You are promised by the Road Of Great Longevity that QRA is YOUR game-changer for modern health.
The ability for you, or a trained QRA practitioner, to identify weak organs, tissues, glands, or functions,
using a single-second test that has never, not once, EVER been proven to be less than unfailingly accurate,
means that you now have the means to effect the benefits of the greatest game-changer in modern health history.
Stop forming opinions on subjects you have little working knowledge or experience of, because your brain benefits.
You are literally assured of becoming more intelligent when you simply learn to suspend your opinion-making mechanism.
Do not complicate the issue, do not go to opposite extremes or make stupid statements about what this shortcut means.
Far beyond a standard shortcut, QRA is far, far, yes, far and away more accurate than a thousand M.D.'s combined.
If your doctor is not skilled in bidigital testing, then your doctor has no clue how to test food, drinks, drugs.
If your doctor does not know QRA, or at least BDORT, then your doctor does not have the best tools.
The Road Of Great Longevity respectfully suggests you find another doctor; there are millions.
Just because the test is 'no cost' does not mean your doctor cannot earn from doing QRA.
The greater the doctor's expertise, the more justified they are in charging a fee.
The greater any doctor's QRA skill is, the faster his patients will get better.
The Road Of Great Longevity perceives that as a profit opportunity.
The Road Of Great Longevity sees it as life-saving opportunity.
Find a QRA practitioner, in Austin, San Jose, or Brooklyn,
or, at least, learn to do BDORT yourself, naturally.
Live your own Road Of Great Longevity.

Links For Websites   (QRA)

      QRATraining.info      QRA-Training.info      QRA.me      QRATesting.info
      QRA-Texas.info       Qvial.com       Qvials.com       Texas-QRA.info      

Dr. Cohen has proven to be our generation's most expert QRA practitioner, worth travelling to consult.
Housewives and heroes from a growing number of nations actually fly intercontinentally to consult Dr. Cohen.
No other practitioner, including the innovators of QRA, can test by phone or even photograph, with unerring accuracy.

NOTE: Q.R.A. does not treat, heal, or cure any diseases. Q.R.A. has no need to consider symptoms.
, especially when combined with Bodyscan or SpectraVision, seeks the causes.
What organ or gland is weakest, and why?   yields instant and provable answers.
No naysayer can deny or refute the instant evidence of getting weaker and stronger when tested with Q.R.A.
"So far, nothing you have encountered comes close to the accuracy of Q.R.A.
Dr David Cohen - Brooklyn New York Naturopath

In Person, By Phone, or Photo
Special online-only offer when you call to ask for your appointment:
First Bodyscan and QRA consult, with customized protocol, $233
Your initial app't includes free lifetime gift of the valued QVial supercharged minerals
One second holding a QVial atop your head (GV20) measurably balances brain points.
Additionally, any organ, gland, or tissue testing weak INSTANTLY strengthens with QVial.
QVial contents are the world's first provably supercharged minerals.   Get the "wow" effect.
Contents of the QVial are expected to last forever, and can never be irradiated or "embedded."
qvials are among the true hypergenius Road Of Great Longevity innovations & inventions
To take advantage of this offer, please say "Internet!" when booking your appointment.
For one of the most fascinating and informative hours of a lifetime, delve into QRA yourself.