title="Chelative therapy, particularly suppository chelation, is helping people around the world eliminate metal toxins from the arteries and blood stream. Heal NATURALLY with YOUR MrShortcut - considered by some to be the best and greatest healer on earth">

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The Road Of Great Longevity believes YOU are your best physician.
    Most of us are born with a healthy, balanced immune system and set of emotions.
    How we treat our immune system and our emotions inevitably determines how strong and long we live.
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MisterShortcut wants YOU to heal naturally
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Best physicians. We all want them, don't we?
The Road Of Great Longevity loves the best physicians.
The challenge is that the best physicians in the U.S. do not make money.
Any doctor who owns or desires great material wealth tell us a great deal, true?
You see, the best physicians are those who care about healing, not accumulatin.
Everyone's entitled to a good income; a day's pay for a day's work, as we like to think.
The excess, the greed, the untold suffering and expense, is best addressed by education.
The more we learn, the longer we tend to live. Learn to save your own life, and those you love.
The Road Of Great Longevity exists in the belief that the best physicians not only eschew greed,
as well, the Road Of Great Longevity believes that YOU are the best physicians in the country.
Stop selling yourself short. You don't need five years of training on how to prescribe drugs.

You don't need three years of focusing on which pharmaceutical products you shall sell.
Learn narrowly about what ails you or concerns you. With thousands of resources,
. your local library or the internet alone can provide you with mganificent info.

Live longer and stronger, not leastly with
helping you to help yourself, empowering you to empower yourself.
Be your won best physicians. Saves times, money, and grief, hm?