The Road Of Great Longevity is helping people to help themselves.
Take any one PowerGem or set of PowerGems, and see quickly,
how dramatically you impact your results with PowerGems.
Stop urinating thousands of seconds per day on chatter.
Those thousands of seconds, totaling many millions,
are the most revealing fabric and wealth of your life.

Define and expand your own Road Of Great Longevity , sharing shortcuts to uncommon achievement,
connecting hundreds of thousands of pages created by a single pair of hands.

In every walk of life there is a top ten percent. these thousands of pages are all dedicated to you, with the intent of coaching you in particular. Can you learn how to achieve more?   Of course! Provided at no charge, in the expectation that you personally will take a portion of your new wealth to feed those who have been unable to feed themselves. Fair enough?

  No strings, no charge.           Go ahead, feed somebody.          It feels good.  

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The Godfather of Shortcuts welcomes you to the largest true website ever created, sharing shortcuts to success in every human endeavor. Determining how to win and how to succeed, are more easily accomplished and faster, when we use the shortcuts of champions, billionaires, masters and millionaires.     Masters and Millionaires are the best source of information because they are the horse's mouth. We know and accept that those who are not "getting it" from the horse's mouth are, most likely, spending too much time at the wrong end of the horse.     This is the Road Of Great Longevity .

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The Road Of Great Longevity
exists because knowing more leads to better decisions and better results.
Every generation shows us to have a quirky group of people who produce at high levels,
while determined to channel the fruits of such production less to themselves and more to others.
You do not need to be a Mother Theresa or Paul Newman to master the most powerful strategives for success,
This is an absolute fact of life, proven fact, and has not changed throughout all of human history.
For reasons best explored elsewhere, the majority of human beings act selfishly first,
and then consider helping others. That's a start, one worth building on.
The more you include the impact of your actions on other people,
the more you will realize that everything is reciprocal.
Whatever you choose to do or not do today,
is GUARANTEED to have consequences.
Mutual, impactful consequences.

More than ever before,
in order to benefit you and yours,
the time has come to recognize that your interest is mine,
that my interests feed and nourish the results in your own life.
As the world operates evermore interactively, shrinking vast distances,
those who produce at high levels with mutual interest at heart end up with the most success,
enjoying personal comforts and pleasures while provisioning the future of their children and grandchildren,
leaving so much to be invested into helping those who are having trouble helping themselves and their children.
This method of superceding greed for bags of money with desire to serve and empower assures the greatest success.
The Road Of Great Longevity exists because the more you learn, the more and better you can live... and give.
The Road Of Great Longevity is free for your life because the vastness of its power is already in you.
Your very life and the hundreds of tasks you have already masterered,
your wins and losses and the times that you give up or persevere,
these are all avatars of the Road Of Great Longevity ,
How little or great your results become,
are now and forever tied to you,
to your thoughts and actions,
based on what you do
in the next minute.

The Road Of Great Longevity
Are we having fun yet?
Creating Shapelinks and so much EyeCandy has been enjoyable.
Ultimately, the value of the Road Of Great Longevity is determined less by how many cups of food we raise,
and even less by how much you like the Shapelinks and EyeCandy than by how much you "get" the idea of PowerGems.
The highest order of business is understanding that what you do today has an identifiable effect tomorrow.
Good effect or bad, it's entirely up to you. The Road Of Great Longevity empowers acceleration.
What you do speaks so loudly we cannot hear a word you say.
WE CANNOT HEAR A WORD YOU SAY!! Your actions tell all.

Do more with what you know, assuring better results.
The Road Of Great Longevity empowers us into
the biggest and best payoffs in life.

This method of supplanting conventional wisdom is, in fact, conventional wisdom amplified by the additional resources that living in a newer century and millennium provide. Technology alone has shrunk the distance between you and the people capable of giving you precisely what you ask. Snap out of it. Your tv belongs in the garbage unless you listen to it while engaged in activities where you are purusing something in yourself, rather than sitting and watching someone being paid many times more than their service is worth. Snap out of it.

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The Utility of Utile Shortcuts

Road Of Great Longevity PowerGems Entry Page 22 - Utile Road Of Great Longevity
Everything in your life gets better as you use shortcuts, not least because they're multi-level.
Comprehensively utile shortcuts means that they are useful in the fullest range of your activities.
Your use of utile shortcuts provides you with benefits in areas you might hardly expect.
Reach for more within yourself today, even in this hour, using more utile shortcuts.
Pretend you are giving advice to a young child who greatly admires your opinion.
You will instantly realize that you have more utile answers than you'd thought.
There is a giant inside of you, awaiting not much more than your command.

Ultimately, YOU are the Road Of Great Longevity , as powerful as you are.

Additional Taste Of The Road Of Great Longevity

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Self-empowerment proves to be the best and fastest route to achieving success.
Successful shortcuts accelerate the process - they are the trial and error of pioneers.
Vastly reduce your own trial-and-error process by learning from the successes of others.
Every human task has PowerGems, the universal success shortcuts that always work.
Asking more people more times each for what you want is the great secret of wealth.
Water, oil, fiber, good bacteria, and sea salt are the great secrets of long health.
When you knock out the major PowerGems in the pursuit of your success,
you will find everything else becomes easier to focus your ideas upon.
Empower yourself with the best of the Road Of Great Longevity .
Empower yourself with universally self-empowering shortcuts.
Empower yourself with self-empowering PowerGems now.
Self-empowerment proves to be one rather fast shortcut.
Self-empowerment is a known quantity of all success.