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PowerGems - Effective Shortcuts of Masters and Champions

PowerGems are shortcuts. Few of us recognize just how many shortcuts are available for immediate use. The best news is that you will find about as many shortcuts... as you wish to find... as you believe you will find.   Major shortcut unto itself.

With 32000 human skills to tap into, failure has become nigh-impossible for all but a few. Those few have closed minds; probably not you.  Successful shortcuts speak for themselves.

City after city, country after country, the two human traits most commonly observed:

  • drastic underutilization of immediately useful resources
  • The vapid belief that "things will get better."
Whether or not it applies to you, the second of these borders on insanity, when we consider that the medical definition of insanity is found in repeating a behavior identically and expecting a different result.

A better result is predicated exclusively upon a better effort.
In hope of assisting you to achieve and obtain better, accelerated results, you have PowerGems... fantastic shortcuts of true masters.

These are the high-speed shortcuts of successful people:
masters, millionaires, Achievers and Role Models... 5,200 inspiring role models,
interviewedone at a time by a Senior Associate Director of the Who's Who Worldwide Registry.

As with every category of human life, those who do are the best possible teachers.
The bare reality is simple: we're far less interested in what you know than we are in what you DO with what you know.   Please.   Talk less.   Do more.

With extraordinary thanks to the late, great Monsignor Bernie Kellogg, a man among millions

Obeisance and reverence to Oprah,
a grand example of master, millionaire, champion; nascent billionaire;
role model for achieving excellence with successful shortcuts.

May all those we lost on 911day rest in peace,
knowing we still have heroes.

  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!    Remember 911day.  
  LIVE more   GIVE  more!     Remember 911day.  
   Remember 911day.    
  Keep our heroes alive by  LIVING,   DOING  more!   

LIVE more       GIVE  more!
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MrShortcut MisterShortcut

Here's another great computer shortcut:
changing the size of text on a web pages makes each page more attuned to YOU and It's EASY!
Without even taking your eyes off your keyboard, just tap your ALT button and then tap v, x, and m. That's it.
ALT, v, x, m. It changes your font size to medium, which for many viewers makes a BIG difference. Enjoy.
( Whenever you tap ALT, v, x, you can then choose between a, s, l, or m )
Just another cute trick -- yep, a shortcut -- from your MisterShortcut LifePath.  

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What else can we find at the MisterShortcut LifePath ?
Good question.

Learn more in order to live more, at the MisterShortcut LifePath,
where the best of your thinking is given room to breathe, expand, and experiment.
Doing things precisely as you are assures you of getting the same results again.
Improving the steps that you take on the way assures you of better results.
You will find that shortcuts work better when they're mentally supported.
In other words, it helps to believe that your efforts are succeeding.
Ala Henry Ford, who knew something about human excellence:
"Think you can, or think you can't; either way, you're right."
You know more than Henry Ford about achieving more?
If so, please do not tell us; we can hardly hear you:
SHOW US! Action is the loudest of statements.
What you can see can be brought to be.
Let's go for the best within YOU.

MisterShortcut literally crafted millions of uniques pages for your self-empowerment.

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all because I'm madly in love with your excellence. I KNOW that you were born to be a master.
EyeCandy is for your enjoyment, in hope your eyes will be pleased with these interactive treats,
encouraging you to find that fun in learning tends to double speed AND quality for each of us.
Countless millionaires have stated that these shortcuts helped them perform at world-class.

YOU are my hero, so please prove me right in the next hour or two. Talk less. Do more.

We will adore you, and follow you, too.

That'a a promise and a guarantee. built with love by the Godfather of EyeCandy, for You 
You are the living extension of the MisterShortcut LifePath. Reach for excellence!

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Look around you, and you will certainly find your magnificent success secrets.
Fact is, while we do not always get what we want or hope for through life,
you can bet your final breath that we do tend to get what we expect.
When you raise your expectations, each of your skills will develop.
These universal self-empowerment secrets, your PowerGems,
work just about one hundred percent of the time for you.
Stop pretending to know more than those who do it best.
Masters and millionmaires, champions and billionaires know best.
Follow the steps and words and actions of those whom you most admire.
When you focus on what is most self-empowering to YOU, you move that way.
The human brain, like a flashlight, can only move towards wherever it is being pointed.
Point your mind to that which is self-empowering, and you'll "get" the MisterShortcut LifePath.
The MisterShortcut LifePath aims to be the most self-empowering resource anywhere in the world.
Ultimately, it is you, and the daily actions that you repeatedly take, that make it the most self-empowering.
Make sure you feed starving people, now, and with the wealth you will build with the MisterShortcut LifePath.