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Welcome to the Road Of Great Longevity , from Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts to Success.
With well over several hundred thousand unique web pages on 1,000-plus individual websites, this appears to be
The Largest Network of Shortcuts Ever Created
... all for your success

Such is the Road Of Great Longevity of Masters and Millionaires, Leaders and Achievers
Without a doubt, these shortcuts constitute and comprise
the biggest self-empowerment website. Since the investment was over three million minutes building these Masters and Millionaires websites for you, it is highly unlikely that someone will soon invest three and a half years of 16 to 20 hours per day, stopping for only eight of a thousand and fifty-five days.

These pages represent opportunity for you, sweet, exciting opportunity, as fast or as easy as you like it.
Investing just one percent of your time, a mere fourteen point four minutes per day, ON ANY TASK YOU LIST will rapidly accelerate your results into world class. It would certainly appear that I have some measure of right to state such a one-conditional guarantee, the one condition, of course, being that you make USE of these shortcuts of champions and winners, rather than merely agreeing on how great these techniques, words, and methods are.   Until you show better, how can you claim to know better?

In plain language, these are the fastest, most powerful shortcuts that the finest minds of man have developed over some fifty-five, perhaps fifty-six generations.     NOTHING WORKS LIKE SUCCESS!!!!

Duplicating a recipe that already works is the single fastest route to attaining anything that is world class. Along the way, you'll add plenty of your own touches. For the immediate steps you take in these next few days, don't change, don't add, don't improvise....

don't be smarter than masters, millionaires, champions, and billionaires.
Use their shortcuts, and use them the say way that consistent winners have.
Doing so will provide you with astonishing, highly accelerated results. Shortcuts of masters, millionaires, Achievers and Role Models.

Double Who You Are
Sure thing? What is a sure thing?
Is there an animal named "sure thing?"
A thousand pieces diversifies and dilutes risk.
A thousand different positions: stock, forex, etc.

Ignore the urge to earn ten or twenty percent:

one percent in a set time, repeated, is the inner path.

One magnificent feature of PowerGems is their repeat-ability.
Multiply your wealth repeatedly using this PowerGem of wealth.
Repeating one percent 1,000x yields 1,000x what you began with.
One percent, repeated a thousand times without spending, is wealth.
Of course there are people and companies earning a few percent per day.
One percent repeated one thousand times without spending is great wealth.
That's because anything you double ten times is 1,000x what you began with.
How many people do you know double their income five times... without spending?
This is a huge secret of wealth: learning to accumulate long enough to double repeatedly!
It is easy enough for children to adopt, simply suspending the childish urge to consume.
You do not need toys or dollar doughnuts or five-dollar cups of coffee. Each multiplies.
A dollar that you spend today is five, ten, up to a hundred of your own future dollars.
One percent, added three thousand times without spending, is more than all wealth.
If you know so much about wealth, where is yours? Have you earned or given big?
Do you know that Chrysler makes more money on FOREX than selling their cars?
They have traders betting on dollars going up, and traders betting another way,
and when there are fluctuations, whoever is up sells a portion of their position.
You can do this yourself, with a couple of thousand dollars, or even a bit less.
Forget thousands, you can watch millions earning a living online with stock!
Many tens of thousands are growing successful new businesses each year.
They each have a written plan. As a restaurant has menus, so should you.
When you read a menu, you know in advance what your alternatives are.
You choose your alternatives based on information considered up front.
That's why written plans for our weddings are consistently successful:
Alternatives based on information fairly well considered in advance.
This magical trick of using one percent to develop fantastic wealth,
this pure secret of many who now hold billions in their accounts,
is as helpful and useful as your ability to practice self-discipline.
Heed the rules that will guide you into real wealth acceleration.
Do not hold onto anything lacking in honest, meritable values.
Secondly, do not spend any of your profits: this is long-term.
Third: what you do best, repeat it many thousands of times.
Having broken more world records than any dozen people,
See, with unceasing certitude that power changes hands.
With no more, no less than these words, energy moves.
You are a record-breaking human and we can prove it.
Energy cannot die, kept alive here in these words.
As you feel excitement growing, that is energy.
Since I will not use it again, please accept it.
Go.  Do.  Shhh. Improve just one percent.
To you top seven-percenters: each day!
One percent per day, times 100 days,
yields double what you have now,
with one small step at a time.
Double what you know;
Double who you are,
rising one percent.
Am I not proof?
Now, it's YOU.

One percent repeated a thousand times is a thousand times what you started with.
One percent repeated two thousand times is a million times what you started with.
One percent repeated three thousand times is a billion times what you began with.

The only question left for this moment and minute is:
Which category of belief are you most comfortable with?
Personality defects left MisterShortcut in the middle range.
Perhaps you will move beyond that, or settle for mediocrity.

MisterShortcut invites you to speak less and do more in the next sixty minutes.
Without exception, without fail, your results are assured of improving nicely.
What you know means little in the face of what you do with what you know

That's why you need not tell us what you can do, now, or in the future:
we can see clearly without you saying a word, based on what you do.

SHORTCUTS - Master Secrets Of The Universe With The Road Of Great Longevity

Each of the shortcuts and secrets that we find in the Road Of Great Longevity ,
each of the master secrets of the universe that we see demonstrated by the masters of our universe,
every single PowerGem, works magnificently on its own, and exponentially with any one or more other PowerGems.
Use shorcuts along with empowering shortcuts, to get fantastically accelerated results. This works for all humans, including you.

  • Don't ask yes or no questions anymore - Ask WHICH they like

  • Ask more people more times each - you always end up with more.

  • Find out who the decision-makers are. They are known as "The Man," even when they're female.

  • Know before you start your journey where you are going - you will not see it 99 percent of the way

  • The death process is universal - it begins the moment that growth stops. Flexibility is all.

  • The moment you no longer need to learn is the moment you lose your grasp of mastery.

  • The more you mimic the efforts of masters, the more you mimic their results.

  • Refine the Road Of Great Longevity to fit your dreams, small, large, medium or mediocre

Pay Attention To Your Road Of Great Longevity Efforts

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You Understand The Concept Of Time and Minutes? Grow Immediately!
What will you do with an extra ten thousand of your best minutes of effort?
Each trip to the Road Of Great Longevity aims to give new, useful information.
Your life is ripping past at fantastic speeds you have proven not to comprehend.
Forget about years and months - they are too long-range for your current needs.
Learn to get more value from the precious seconds you now waste profligately.
You get this when you understand that seconds are worth more than dollars.
Take just ten seconds from every petty conversation, and see them add up.
The Road Of Great Longevity is purely about what ALWAYS works well.
Don't just seize the day - seize the moment... much more often.
Follow the PowerLinks to get to your universal PowerGems.
Use any Road Of Great Longevity PowerGem, repeatedly.
Best of all, you need not take anyone's word for all this.
It costs you no money at all to save time and money.
Squeeze more out of what you already have now.
The fruits will literally astound and please you.
Multiply with the Road Of Great Longevity .
The longer you live, the faster time flies.
So, do more with what you have now.
It multiplies what you end up with.

Unless you know more than billionaires, how expert are you at gaining wealth?
MisterShortcut had no wish to learn from those who speak much and do little.
Those who do the best prove to know the best, which means they teach best.
Masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires need not speak.
Their actions speak loudly enough for all of us to learn mastery.
The Road Of Great Longevity is eternal use of their wisdom.
...because those who do best want YOU to outdo the rest. orld.
Clicking this food button and the one that appears. you save a human life... no charge to you.
This is a central function of the Road Of Great Longevity .   What goes around...